Bleed Blue Culture

‘To be in a culture is to be bound in a set of connecting stories’, Jerome Bruner
Our team, aka the ‘Blue Bloods’ are the culture and heart of Devon. The team who goes the extra mile, take pride in what they are helping to build and the ones who know the importance of sharing the same values and the Devcon story.

They are also the ones who wear the sh*t shirts with pride and are proud to part of the Devon movement.

What is a sh*t shirt? We are glad you asked! Our infamous sh*t shirt is exactly that. A team shirt that we all wear, it unites us and becomes a conversation starter for those around us. It represents the #bleedblue and #builtbetter culture. The quirkiness and bold idea to be different, to challenge the norm.
Mitch, Rob, Mel & Shaun from Devcon in outdoor setting wearing blue shirts.
Brad, Nicole, Jody & Brendan from Devcon in outdoor setting smiling
Devcon team celebrating
Michael, Barry, Luke, and Adam from Devcon - wearing blue shirts and playing golf for charity 
Devcon Staff Team DPS
To maintain the magic that makes us unique, our team were surveyed and had the opportunity to have a say in what the company values would be. This is how we get buy in for our built/better culture.
The company values are the unwritten rules. The Devon normal. The things that happen naturally. The values that determine whether someone #bleedblue.
Champion team not team of champions
We’re all in sales
Do what you say and say what you will do and if you can’t - communicate
Do the right thing
Think harder
– find a better way
No dickheads

Fundraising Events.

Kristy & Mansi from Devcon with Christmas gifts for those in need
Basket with items like food, paper tissue.

Christmas Drive

Donated over 300 items for people in need.

Ray, Michael and Pete from Devcon doing pushups
Devcon team push-up challenge


$22,000 raised for mental health services.

Devcon Team at the beach


Over $5000 raised.

Amber, Kristen & Pam smiling with a medal
Devcon team push-up challenge
Devcon team push-up challenge
Devcon team push-up challenge


Over $2000 raised.

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